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Northern Ligths TripRepotage

Posted by Andreas Karlsson Wed, February 24, 2010 22:05:16

The 13th of February we went on a Northern Lights trip with a group of 9 persons. This nights was magic, we started to see some weak Lights allready from the car on the way to the village. Down there this beautiful pics was taken. We took the snowmobiles and started to drive to our Camp that we have in a totally dark spot where it`s a perfect view in the northern direction. When we arrived after 30 minutes driving we could see two green lines of a northern lights in the sky and also a lots of stars.

Everybody was cold so I made up an open fire inside our kåta so everybody could warm themselves. During the time we cooked the dinner the whole sky transformed to one big green Northern lights, it was magnificent!

Jasmine sended us this amazing pictures, THANKS!Blog imageBlog image

Overnight tour in the wildernessThings to do in Kiruna

Posted by Andreas Karlsson Sat, January 02, 2010 17:41:59

If you are looking for a special adventure this is something you have to try. Stay over the night in the wilderness inside a newbuild wood cabin. NO electricity or neighbours in the nearby, just real amazing nature with a great view directly from the camp. The guide will take care of you during the tour so you`ll have it comfortable. You can do a lots of activities in the area like skiing, try fishing, have a moose safari or just make up a fire in the night.Blog imageMore informations about the tour: Winter Tours

Ice fishing tourThings to do in Kiruna

Posted by Andreas Karlsson Sat, January 02, 2010 17:29:22

This is something that is hard to imagine, a ice fishing tour where you`ll catch your own fish when the ice is one meter thick. The tour combines the most, you`ll drive snowmobile, try ice fishing, have a lunch and you`see the real nature as it is for everybody who lives up here.

The fish species are trout, pike, char, greyling and lavaret.Blog image

More informations about the tour: Winter Tours

Nothernlights tour with snowmobileThings to do in Kiruna

Posted by Andreas Karlsson Sat, January 02, 2010 17:15:41

The Northernlights tour with snowmobile is an exciting tour were you`ll drive snowmobile to a nice Camp in the middle of nowhere. It`s a very good place to see the northernlights from here and you`ll also see a very nice untouched landscape.

You`ll have a tastefull dinner around the campfire inside the kåta and for dessert some coffe/tea with a good cake. Afterwards you can go outside to look for the northernlights and the surroundings while you just enjoy the silence.

Blog image

More informations about the tour:

Kiruna Winter ActivityWelcome to Kiruna wilderness

Posted by Andreas Karlsson Sat, January 02, 2010 14:52:10

About Kiruna Winter Activity

The new year 2010 has finally begin. I have worked with my company KirunaWinterActivity for two years now and it`s really fun. Have met a lots of people from different places all over the world and that is interesting. I have taken them with me on different tours and adventures and I think all of them have enjoyed it as much as me.

My biggest interest is the nature and the wilderness, that`s why I love to stay in Kiruna and that`s why I Started my company to share all the good adventures and moments to other people. Kiruna is a good place to go to if you want to see the real nature because it`s not that much exploited.

In the winter we mostly make snowmobile tours in the area, driving thru the untouched landscape. It`s possible to stay over the nights in our cabins, go ice fishing or why not just take the nothernlight tour in the evening. The possibilities are many and with us you also have the opportunity to tailor-made your trip.

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