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Northern Ligths Trip

RepotagePosted by Andreas Karlsson Wed, February 24, 2010 22:05:16

The 13th of February we went on a Northern Lights trip with a group of 9 persons. This nights was magic, we started to see some weak Lights allready from the car on the way to the village. Down there this beautiful pics was taken. We took the snowmobiles and started to drive to our Camp that we have in a totally dark spot where it`s a perfect view in the northern direction. When we arrived after 30 minutes driving we could see two green lines of a northern lights in the sky and also a lots of stars.

Everybody was cold so I made up an open fire inside our k├ąta so everybody could warm themselves. During the time we cooked the dinner the whole sky transformed to one big green Northern lights, it was magnificent!

Jasmine sended us this amazing pictures, THANKS!

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