Kiruna Winter Activity

Kiruna Winter Activity

The blog for visitors in Kiruna

I create this blog to share information about Kiruna, aventures and attractions around this area.

Kiruna Winter Activity

Welcome to Kiruna wildernessPosted by Andreas Karlsson Sat, January 02, 2010 14:52:10

About Kiruna Winter Activity

The new year 2010 has finally begin. I have worked with my company KirunaWinterActivity for two years now and it`s really fun. Have met a lots of people from different places all over the world and that is interesting. I have taken them with me on different tours and adventures and I think all of them have enjoyed it as much as me.

My biggest interest is the nature and the wilderness, that`s why I love to stay in Kiruna and that`s why I Started my company to share all the good adventures and moments to other people. Kiruna is a good place to go to if you want to see the real nature because it`s not that much exploited.

In the winter we mostly make snowmobile tours in the area, driving thru the untouched landscape. It`s possible to stay over the nights in our cabins, go ice fishing or why not just take the nothernlight tour in the evening. The possibilities are many and with us you also have the opportunity to tailor-made your trip.

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